About Carly

The last few years have been fascinating for me as I have learnt to appreciate, help and understand so many day to day struggles that people have. Helping people is truly in my makeup and it is wonderful to see the results in people as they evolve to realise their potential.

Having worked for years in a busy, competitive and hard hitting industry, big life changes made me re-evaluate my life and finally follow the dreams and ambitions I knew I was destined for.

I completed my psychology degree, went on to further study neuron linguistic programming, cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy.

I was extremely fortunate to have my own research paper on age preferences and individual differences in human beings published in an evolution journal.

Through word of mouth my practice both in Staffordshire and at a Forest Pines Golf resort in Lincolnshire has become a resounding success of which I am immensely proud. As I am also of the charitable organisation Respect The Elderly I founded over a year ago, it provides a free befriending service to elderly people who are feeling lonely or isolated and has succeeded in touching and improving many lives.

Having been through my own struggles in life, I can relate to people and understand how it is sometimes extremely important to be sensitive to change and work at a pace right for the individual. I decided to take a new direction, it wasn’t easy but I can safely say it was the best thing that I have ever done.

I consider myself to be a warm and compassionate professional who is also very dedicated; I am the person that will help you become the best you can be.