In the wounderful and increasingly popular world of Hypnobirthing, learn how to take control of your birthing experience, enjoy and embrace the special magic of birth whilst learning and adapting that expecting severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour. In this unique episode of one born every minute, we see couple Paul & Frankie reveal to the nation the amazing experience of hypnobirthing. Be warned, have tissues ready the two midwifes looking after the couple had to!

Hypnobirthing doesn���t mean you will be asleep or in a trance, you will still be fully aware, able to chat and ultimately you will be in good spirit.

It is common to be sceptical like many mothers and fathers are at the start, So this is where Carly facilitates the learning and understanding and answer all the questions that arise in the classes. Hynobirthing does not need any specific belief structures or expertise. It has been common that at the end the ones who were the most sceptical were the ones that had the most extravagant experience of all.

Hypnobirthing is an extraordinary, amazing and exciting experience. In short imagine accompanying each surge with a sense of peaceful well being, positively embracing each stage in a calm and relaxing environment.

Once you let go of the fear and tension, your birthing muscles of your body can gracefully function as nature intended them to.


Some things you will learn in classes:

Breathing techniques but not the typical panting ones usually associated with birth

How to identify and release fears about childbirth

How to fundamentally lessen the need for medication at all during child birth

How to confidently approach your relationship with the medical staff. A B C approach.

  1. When to question
  2. What to ask
  3. When to let them take charge

An amazing yet simple massage technique to use in labour that will reduce the need for an episiotomy.

A hugely successful section of the course is the teaching of bringing about an individual early start to labour so that pregnancy doesn’t exceed past due date, all these are safe and natural techniques.

The most important part is learning how to stay calm, relaxed and in control.

There is a massive success rate for hypnobirths for reducing surgical births.

The labour is also considerably shorter with hypnobirths

The techniques used can then be transferred to future births but also you learn valuable self hypnosis that can be used in everyday life to reduce stress levels and help you feel more energised as a new mother.



Not only do we have calmer more relaxed parents from hypnobirthing but this applies to babies too.

New babies who have safely arrived with the help of hypnobirthing are found to:

  • Be calmer
  • Sleep better
  • Feed better
  • Experience less trauma
  • A better apgar score


You don’t have to be a helpless onlooker. Be an interactive part of your baby’s birth. You will be central to the birthing process with the techniques you learn. Imagine how proud and close to your baby you will feel.

Trust the parenting practice that you are already considering, create your own birth story as you add to the mindful birth for both you and your baby.

The really useful thing about hypnobirthing is you can chose your own environment as what you learn can be utilized at home or hospital and shared with the birthing partner of your choice.

The ideal time to attend these classes is between 25 and 36 weeks into your pregnancy.

Meet likeminded people who have similar desires and are going through the same experiences.


Classes are for a period of 6 weeks, Carly is flexible in assisting and allowing you to catch up in the event of a missed session.

Enjoy a luxurious, warm, welcoming and comfortable environment that is equipped with snacks and refreshments available throughout your class.

All 6 classes cost a total of £345 following the duration and after the last class you are given help and support from somebody fully qualified in psychology and hypnotherapy right up to when the baby arrives. Carly�����s mission will be to ensure you have reached your best state of natural wellbeing for yourself and you are calm and confident about your own individual experience.

Couples have found the ongoing support invaluable.

One to one appointments for couples are available.

Contact Carly for further details, availability and class start dates.

Classes are currently at the Uttoxeter Hypnobirthing Retreat in Staffordshire and also at the conveniently located  Forest Pines Golf Resort in North Lincolnshire.