Hypnotherapy for addiction

When making the decision to seek help and see a hypnotherapist, you are making the choice to change a behaviour that has developed. This pattern may have formed over time or come on quite suddenly, it is simply down to the brain forming a pattern that it recognises to access a reward by the release of chemicals in the brain.

Using Hypnotherapy the pattern of behaviour can be broken and the mind can be reprogrammed with alternative healthier reward pathways increased.  It is the conscious mind that makes the decision to drink, take drugs, crave sexual activity or develop OCD behaviours with irrational thinking. The conscious mind will only do what the Unconscious tells it to, so with hypnotherapy the control room of the mind is accessed and reprogramming can take place. The unconscious is open to suggestion and reprogramming during the trance state of Hypnotherapy and this is how we form new patterns.

The sessions are always followed up with individual recording and the learning of self hypnosis, these providing valuable life skills for going forward into the future, making positive changes and over coming and difficulties that may arise.

Each Therapy session is tailed to the individual and the amount of sessions required largely depends on the type of addiction and the level of change required, it is typically between three and six sessions.


A common question is will I be asked questions during Hypnotherapy this will not be done without informing you of what would be asked. During Hypnotherapy the client remains in control, able to wake if needed and is fully aware of what is being said. All aspects therapy is discussed in therapy plan and commonly Hypnotherapy is about sitting comfortably and relaxing whilst the Carly speaks to the unconscious mind about the matter of importance to you.

Hypnotherapy has for many years been a common intervention within the health profession unfortunately confused with stage hypnosis in recent years, this is not something Carly partakes in. Current research has proven that more doctors, psychologists and Psychiatrists are training in Hypnotherapy to use in conjunction or as an alternative to medication.

  • OCD
  • Drug addition
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Sex addictions
  • Smoking / nicotine pens
  • Sugar

All aspects of addictions are covered by Carly with Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Grimsby, Hull, Scunthorpe, Lincoln Doncaster and various other locations in the UK.

In a free telephone consultation Carly will explain more about how hypnotherapy works and what to expect. Carly can answer any questions and help you make the first step to becoming the best that you can be.