Hypnotherapy for Anger management

People can resort to anger as a coping mechanism in different situations but they are not alone as one-fifth of the population have issues with controlling their anger. Most people would like to gain control over their anger and Carly can help them do so with Hypnotherapy in a supportive manner and environment.

Once it has been decided that things need to change the biggest step has been made, the nect step is to contact Carly for a free telephone consultation where she can talk through what Hypnotherapy is, how it can help and discuss a treatment plan that is uniquely individual. A common question that is often asked is am I still in control during Hypnosis, the answer is 100%. The client is able to wake up at any point and won’t be required to speak at all unless previously discussed and agreed.


Through Hypnotherapy the client learns a range of tools; the negative behaviour will be modified. Following treatment the goal is that clients will be able to

  • Successfully manage their anger
  • Develop different more helpful reactions
  • Manage their emotions
  • Deal with frustration
  • Feel calmer and more relaxed in general
  • Change unhelpful thought processes


Physical effects of anger 

Anger can be shown in various forms from social discomfort and general aggravation to violent outbursts over minor situations, such as “road rage” Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral bringing about mental health problems including depression, other health concerns such as elevated blood pressure.

Anger can also trigger physical responses such as:

  • Raising heartbeat
  • Higher blood pressure levels
  • Increased adrenalin levels
  • Inability to think straight

There is no one defined reason for what causes anger in a person and each person may have very individual feelings and reasons for what they are feeling. Previous experiences of hurt, bereavement or despair, or difficult environments can bring about the onset of anger difficulties. All these triggers can be helped with hypnotherapy.


Carly is confident yet understanding in her approach and will work together with the client to make the changes they want to make. Client confidentiality is the most important aspect of Hypnotherapy for Carly as is the success that is quickly evident in the people she sees.

Hypnotherapy for anger management is available in Staffordshire, Derby, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull and Doncaster, other areas in the UK are available upon request.