Hypnotherapy for stress management

Hypnotherapy for stress management

What is stress?

Stress is defined as a mental or emotional state of strain and tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

It is important to be aware that people can develop feeling of pressure causing stress from everyday normal tasks and situations. Hypnotherapy is an effective solution to battle stress, considerably reducing the mark that stress has left on your life.

People react to stress in their own individual way although the instinctive stress response in any sudden moment is considered our fight or flight instinct. The alternative internal evaluation and reaction can be a psychological response determined by how an external force is tackled and if they consider it worthy of anxiety or not.

Stress can effect behaviour, thought, feelings, and even how your body works.

Common signs of stress

Sleeping problems                            Irritability

Sweating                                             Headaches

Loss of appetite                       ��         Muscle tension

Concentration difficulties                Pain

Anxiety                                                Dizziness

Low self esteem                                 Racing thoughts

Managing stress

When we experience stress a surge of a particular hormone is released into our body, once the cause has ended then the hormone returns to its correct level. However is stressed the body constantly releases the hormone which can lead to very serious symptoms.


Stress is not an illness in itself but it can lead to other serious illnesses if it is not addressed with treatment. The symptoms of stress are important and need to be identified early on. Therapy can help regain a normal sense of individual wellbeing and equip someone with the techniques to combat any feelings of stress that may arise in the future.

How hypnotherapy can help?

Carly can assess the cause of your stress by working with you through a framework that will look at

Stressful episode

People present


Thoughts and emotions

Psychical symptoms or feelings


A treatment plan can then be discussed and the ultimate goal set to achieve, in a free telephone consultation Carly can answer any questions relating to hypnotherapy and your own treatment plan.


Hypnotherapy for stress is available at the Staffordshire retreat that also covers the area of Derbyshire. It is also available at the North Lincolnshire Hypnotherapy centre and at various other locations around the UK on the Wellbeing weekends.

All calls are dealt with in a sensitive and completely confidential manner.