Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight loss hypnotherapy has one of the highest success rates in the weight loss industry.

After just one session you will find it has been very successful,  intensive and powerful as you recognise the changes that have been implemented whilst you are relaxed and in an altered state of awareness.

Carly offers two very structured programs that become part of your own unique journey.

There are two types of weight loss hypnotherapy.

Hypno gastric band 

www.hypnoband.com This is the method used as a qualified, certified practitioner

This is an extremely effective, highly researched, recognised and successful form of weight loss therapy. The research for weight gain can be very individual and I take the time to understand habits that have been formed and what areas of help may be beneficial for each client a long side the hypno gastric band.

The cost is £395


Weight loss Treatment Plan 

The other popular method of Hypnotherapy for Weight loss is in a series of appointments typically between one and six whereby the unique method of the reverse diary is used. Some clients may find they only need one appointment and they feel equipped with the tools they need, however between three and six is advised. Regular contact is maintained, the hypnotherapy that is done on each session varies based on the individual and the important roles and relationships that have been developed with food.

Structures are put in place to break bad habits, to address the emotional issues surrounding over eating and to change the thinking around food.

Ultimately Carly works by going back to basics sometimes with the use of regression, reprogramming the mind and restoring wellbeing to maintain a healthy and happy balance in life and make the changes you want to make.

Individual appointments are £60 per session.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy is available in the Staffordshire Retreat covering the Derbyshire area too, it is available at the opulent settings of conveniently located  Forest Pine Golf resort in North Lincolnshire and many more locations all around the UK at the Hypnotherapy wellbeing weekends.