Project – 3 more special decades week 11

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Its been a great week that culminated in a trip down to London to the Theatre to see Mama Mia, emotional and exciting as we both are so looking forward to our wedding over in Greece where Mama Mia was filmed. It is booked for July 2017 and although it feels like so far away I know it will come round pretty soon… The night ended with a trip to the casino which slightly tipsy I found hilarious as was the amount of food we ordered from room service in the early hours when we got back. The weekend was great as we stopped in on my 91year old Nan on the way down who lives alone and is truly fabulous and then my Aunty and Uncle on the way home which is always a pleasure as I just don’t get to see them enough.

As a family at the start of the week we enjoyed lunch out all together at the beginning of the week, through the week we have been given Mary Berry a run for her money with her new cook book, knocking up some culinary delights and Thursday saw me and my not so little man spend some quality time together whilst Alex stayed away for work.

Tuesday I was at a good friends book launch at the Derby hospital, having looked after her father for two years who fell down the stairs and sustained a severe head injury that saw the onset of Alzheimers, her book is both heart warming, sad but so funny and truly depicts one families struggle to come to terms with the illness and nurse him through over two years before seeing him pass away. I have so much love and admiration for this lady as she writes in such a wonderful way, I have always thought I would love to write a book and I have been truly inspired!

A great week all round lots going on with Respect The Elderly The Community Project, I have developed favourites, I just cant help it but to see how happy they are to see us and the volunteers each week makes all the hard work and stress so so worth it.

I have also been extremely proud of the achievements of my clients, I saw one this week who had lost three and a half pounds since her last appointment and she is positively glowing with each session. I have gone Facebook promoting crazy adding complete randomers which must totally confuse them but it is where so much business comes from I see it as such as positive tool.

Looking forward to the week ahead as I am currently booked up for appointments and although a few weight loss ones they are all so diverse, I love it! I am currently sat down at the bottom of the garden in my little retreat with a nice candle lit, a glass of wine, music playing feeling lovely and cozy and ready to sign off and start preparing for the next few days.

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