Project – 3 more special decades – week 2

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Monday 2nd November 2015
I wish I could wave a wand or reprogram the mind to think the body better from cancer!! It is the one cruel illness that unfortunately although side effects can be helped and made easier with Hypnotherapy along with the individual’s attitude being encouraged to feel more positive, hopeful and motivated however, unfortunately the reality of the illness is something Hypnotherapy can not change.
I am not sure if it is because I have a close family member who is battling with the dreaded C word but everywhere I seem to look it is there, I am more and more aware of people who are fighting their own battles. I seriously pray so much that a cure is on the horizon and soon as too many lives are cut short.
A client I have been seeing recently discovered she had bowel cancer six months ago after a big operation it was removed but it was suggested she needed chemotherapy. The chemotherapy seems to be a battle all in itself starting with the very first week which is often described as one of the hardest. The problem my client faced having always battled with taking tablets she simply couldn’t bring herself to take her daily chemotherapy tablets, yes they are a lot bigger then the average tablet but the battle was in the mind. The first tablet took three hours to finally get down of which the anxiety had become so much that it just came straight back up again.
The work we have done with easing the anxiety of taking the tablets, seeing the process in a completely different light, talking through taking the tablets positively and easily and I was over the moon to see her mindset change see this lovely lady approaching the tablets and taking them confidently and easily at amazement with herself.
In situations like these it isn’t really a goal achieved that I really loved to see it was the enormous smile on her face as she woke up, most people smile when you wake them up but these smiles are the ones that have moved me the most. The tails of the happy place she visited, such fond memories she said that hadn’t entered her thoughts for many many years, the special times we shared when she woke up I feel so so privileged to have been aloud.
It feels like a bitter sweet I guess as although such wonderful things can be achieved with Hypnotherapy and haven have been especially in my session today with my lovely lady. I still come home with the realization ever prominent of the battles some people have to go through and how fortunate I am to have my family, friends and above of my health.
                                                                    do not regret
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