Project 3 more special decades – week 3

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Saturday 28th November
As we approach the last month of the year I feel so satisfied and proud of what has been achieved to date. This week alone has seen the carpet go down in the Retreat at the bottom of our garden so therefore with the furniture in I can see Clients in there if I want, although Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday I saw Clients in my front room still. Once the decor has been finished with a couple of shelves and pictures up I aim to see clients in there next week. My website also went live yesterday which was sooooo exciting for me, it has been a lot of hard work and research but I’m so happy with how it has turned out. Matt at 00Design has got me to a T and has created something totally perfect.
I have worked with my web designer on and off for the past two years as he also designed my Respect The Elderly website which is fantastic but due to have a few changes following us becoming a registered CIC.
It is hard getting the work balance right between putting everything I have got into advertising myself and seeing clients as a Clinical Hypnotherapists but also working closely with my right hand women and one of my best friends Alison on RTE, December is always a busy time of year as we give out Christmas hampers to all the people we have provided our befriending service too throughout the year, plus other people that are nominated due to have little family or who may be feeling isolated or lonely.
Thursday morning was a fantastic morning as we saw our oldest ever nominee who is 100, he has wonderful stories to tell and is a pleasure to visit! The afternoon was spent tying up loose ends and ensuring everything was up to date as Alex and I flew out to Switzerland early Friday morning. We are here for the weekend visiting my bestest friend Emily her husband Dave and their little boy Oscar who is one and is also my godson. It is magical being here with him, reading him stories and putting him to bed, watching him get into a mess with his food and just generally making the most of the big gummy smiles and cuddles we are getting.
We are off to the Xmas markets tonight and it would be rude not to partake in an odd gluwhein, probably why it’s a good idea writing this now and not later..
I cherish every happy moment I get and feel very fortunate, Emily and I have been through so much together and as we sat over a glass of wine last night reminiscing and also grimacing it made me feel so fortunate for the lessons I have learnt, the friends and family I have and how strong going through certain things makes you.
I spoke to Emily about this blog as although generally it is to document my life, career and discuss work I know the type of person I am and how I am an open book what you see is what you get and I love sharing stories and writing. This has made me worry that maybe I will talk about things I shouldn’t or discuss when times are tough, Emily reminded me these are all characteristics that make me the person I am and I shouldn’t seek approval or worry about anyone judging me, I should take heed of the very advice I instil into all my clients and have confidence in myself, who I am and where I am going.
Speaking of which I can’t sign off without saying… taking of where I am going, tomorrow we are booked into a naked spa!!! This will be my first experience and believe it or not is was my shy and very reserved finances idea, having heard about how Emily and Dave frequent them often. I’m excited yet nervous and talking purely Medicinal it will do Alex the world of good as he is full of cold, I must remember to document my experience as I am sure it will be one to remember haha
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