Project 3 more special decades – week 4

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Monday 30th November – Fear of flying
I thought I would update as we are sat on the plane flying home after our weekend in Switzerland. Sat here watching all the different people get ready for take off in all different ways some looking agitated, some not fazed in the slightest I am reminded of my last time flying before this weekend and a situation that occurred with a lady with a fear of flying it was actually recently at the beginning of November.
A large group of us went to Benidorm to celebrate a two ladies 40th birthday, it was certainly an eye opener, it was such a wild weekend even by my standards. I hadn’t ┬áreally done a girly holiday as I have always had Callum so with him turning 16 I was definitely up for it. We were allocated our seats upon check in and I had one of my best friends on one side and one of the girls in our party I hadn’t met before on the other side. It soon became apparent that she was extremely anxious about taking off and as we manipulated the run way her anxiety levels increased significantly. By the time we were actually going up into the sky her head was in her hands and she was crying. For a split second I thought I haven’t got any time here to do hypnotherapy, I haven’t got any of my paperwork and I doubted myself but there really wasn’t an option. We couldn’t do any trance deepeners but what I could do is use the basic knowledge and tools to relax and go over what I had done with a previous client who had a fear of flying. Heads down and literally whispering in her ear, encouraging the gentle breathing and visualisation I could see she started to relax, it did take some time but she soon had the hang of things and we worked together really well. Once in the hotel and sat around a table with drinks it was like realisation had hit of how well she had coped and she thanked me in front of everyone, I was a little embarrassed as although I absolutely love talking about my job sometimes people find it hard to understand so I tend to only talk to people who show a genuine interest.
By pure coincidence we were also sat together on the way back, I felt more prepared this time to go through deep relaxation and I had more of a plan in mind. The brilliant thing was the lady didn’t need me and this was something that was massively satisfying as to me I had passed on the tools and as I watched her relax herself and concentrate on what she had learnt as we took off she even turned to me and smiled. There were no tears and no high anxiety states, the flight was a massive success and I have no doubt all her future ones will be too. As we landed as soon as it was possible the lady phoned her husband to talk about her pure amazement over how she had handled flying. This had been an issue for her for a long time, every holiday with her children had started in such a terrifying way yet now she had new found coping mechanisms and let’s hope she never feels that same anxiety again as she did on that first flight when we met.
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