Project – 3 more special decades – week 5

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Two great appointments over the past two three days both clients very different in nature but so lovely to work with. I have already had a great testimonial from one that I can’t wait to post as it really boosts my confidence as a therapist. It is an exhausting two hour session but as it is offered as a one off session I really feel myself putting absolutely everything that I have got into it.
Sometimes it’s nerve racking wanting the changes and successful results so much for someone and although I feel totally equipped with all the tools I need, I constantly tell all my clients everyone is different and some times hidden agendas or feelings can have a big impact on success, that’s why it always is worth being as open and honest with the therapist because each session can be then tailored to each individual’s need.
I love giving people hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, as it is one of the few things that has such instant results. After a busy weekend in with hypnotherapy and then straight into a busy schedule with the RTE community project I am looking forward to our weekend in Edinburgh, me and my two favourite men what more could I want!
I saw a lady today that last week wanted her life to end she felt so alone and isolated as we sat and made her laugh, filling out the very boring form I felt an overwhelming pride in what we do. The poor lady is practically blind so the last few times she has gone out she has fell, this has resorted to her sitting in her arm chair day in day out seeing nobody. We will commence visits next week and these will continue over Christmas and new year, our aims are to get her into a good day care centre so she is integrated back into the community and she can build her confidence up, fingers crossed X
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