Project – 3 more special decades – week 6

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Busy day is something I used to do with my son when he was little, as he would climb into bed at night he would say “mum can we do busy day?” This would consist of going through what we had done that day…
Today was busy but varied I loved it! It started with an interview with a student from Derby University it was in relation to the cut that’s have been made with the NHS and the possible impacts it has had on voluntary organisations like Respect The Elderly, we talked how the adult social services rely upon us as there is such a long wait between identifying someone elderly who needs a care package and actually putting one in place, we try to fill the gaps.
I then had a quick rendezvous with the mother in law sorting out Alex’s Xmas present, I can’t talk about it as its a big surprise sorry! He deserves spoiling as this last weekend he treated Callum and I to a weekend in Scotland, we went to our first Rangers game, then was treated to possibly the nicest meal in a very swanky restaurant then some Christmas shopping in Glasgow before we headed home on the Sunday… Being with just Callum and Alex makes me feel so happy, it’s not something I get often but I value it so much when we do get it.
Last on the day was an initial visit with a gorgeous elderly couple over in Ashbourne, they were so lovely and live completely independent but the gentlemen has dementia and would rather stay in so we are putting a sitting service in place to keep him company whilst his wife pops into town each week to do the food shopping. Even now I still get emotional when I do these initial visits, it’s only to fill out the form and introduce ourselves before I hand over to the visitors but sometimes I just can’t understand why people get old and seem to get forgotten about, it always makes me feel lucky for who I have around me.
This evening has ended with replying to four enquiries from my website which I was really shocked to see as I didn’t think it would be reaching people yet but I guess people are getting ready to make those new year resolutions!! X
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