Project – 3 more special decades – week 8

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Happy Christmas and New Year!

Christmas was a real hit for us we had the in laws round, I was worried it would all go to plan and woke up at 2am worrying one night but apart from temporarily losing the turkey it was enjoyed by all followed by lots of full sleepy people settling down to the wizard of Oz! The morning was great with me, Cal and Alex although we were awake at 5am with a cup of tea, listening to Xmas music and eagerly awaiting Callum to wake up, he finally did at 7.30 which is extremely good for him as at 16 when he doesn’t need to be up for college we are lucky if we get to see him before mid day!

Christmas was a real mix of both family traditions with a party around my sisters in the night and one very drunk brother in law haha I wont pretend the time spent on advertising yesterday for hypnotherapy for weight loss was for any other reason then to shout very loudly at myself “STOP EATING” I was amazed by the response having posted an article on hypnotherapy for weight loss on a couple of local sites, I had ten enquirers come through in the space of half an hour and they have continued to come through today, with two Hypno Gastic bands, two smoking cessation booked and a individual weight loss treatment plan booked January is going to be a busy yet exciting month!

My charity RTE is officially not bank until Monday 4th Jan however two appointments this week couldn’t be missed so I have stepped in with the best volunteer in the whole wide world Alex. We went to a couple this morning, one of us took the lady to do her food shopping in Sainsbury’s whilst the other sat with the gentleman keeping him company. He has dementia, it is so sad they don’t leave the house other to go food shopping and now he is unable to go with her by her own admission she says she feels like a prisoner in her own home! On a positive note though she absolutely loved her basket of presents we gave her for Xmas and as they have no family at all she said that is the first Xmas present they had received in a long long time.

Tomorrow will bring hypnotherapy script writing so I can sort all my weight loss sessions out for the first week of the new year. I am also visiting the lady we took out for Xmas dinner last Tuesday, three weeks ago this very lady said she was so lonely ad isolated as blind so cant leave the house without assistance she said she wanted to end her life, yet turning up last Tuesday she was by the door waiting in her Sunday best with a massive smile and constantly told us how better she feels now.

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