Project – 3 more special decades week 9 &10

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It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote, I think it has been a busy time for me as people are feeling motivated with the new year to make some really good, positive changes!

Following some advertising I have picked up a couple of new weight loss clients, I love doing this line of therapy as it is so individually tailored, everyone is so different and we all have various eating habits and behaviours we pick up over time and we all comfort eat for completely different reasons.

What I have found people really benefit from with the weight loss program we do is the enhanced motivation, not only to become more active but also in setting goals in life from a broader perspective. I keep in touch with all my clients, its lovely to hear how their weeks are going and how good they are all feeling in themselves. Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand but what it can do for people is magical to watch and experience, I love helping people on their individual journeys.

I too have been on my own journey since Xmas and having got down and serious with some self hypnosis, I am not using the treadmill at least three times a week and although I don’t believe in dieting as no food should be forbidden, I have certainly cut down on my intake of calories. Before Xmas I had adopted an unhealthy obsession with cheese, baked Camembert to be precise I actually think I ate so much I put myself off it but through self hypnosis I worked on the notion that it tasted like sweetcorn and the possibility of finding sweetcorn inside one could be quite high (I HATE SWEETCORN) It is safe to say I haven’t had one since before Xmas and have absolutely no desire for one what so ever.

My other clients are focused around anxiety and have made huge progress to which I am so proud, I have had two new clients who are going through cancer treatment so my experience is strengthening its just one of those bitter sweet experiences every session where I cant help feel so sad and so grateful for what I have. Speaking of which day off yesterday saw lunch out with my boy and my fiance a fab little country pub over near Ashbourne, it was so nice to be able to talk about our wedding and say its all happening next year, time has flown since our engagement and it wont be long till we are stood on the beach saying our vows in Skiathos next July, I am so excited! We have Alex’s sisters wedding in April to gear up for now though so I need to stick to my new year resolutions, get down to my target weight so some serious shopping can be done!

All is good with Respect The Elderly The Community Project we are having more and more elderly people being nominated to receive our free befriending/sitting service so the need  to expand the workforce is essential. Both Alison and I are so fussy though as it is important to get people with the same level of passion and commitment as us but it is also a hard job to do as the nature of it means we experience getting to know some lovely people but then they pass away. This last week saw our eldest ever nominee Len pass away just days before his 101st birthday, he was a real character and so full of charm.

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