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It has been a busy time so I haven’t wrote for a while, I can’t complain as it has been so good to see so many clients. It has been a wide range of things I have treated over the past couple of weeks ranging from weight loss, stop smoking, grief, self harm, anxiety, acrophobia, fear of flying, alcohol cessation, pain relief. I have had several people for weight loss and anxiety and I am so pleased with the results everyone has achieved.

I am now not only doing hypnotherapy from my little retreat in Uttoxeter but I now have a base in Ashbounre in Derbyshire which is good for broadening my field to where I can offer hypnotherapy.

I cant help but feel so humbled by some of the people I meet each and every day the lady I saw today for grief and weight loss has been through so much and yet remains so kind and considerate with other people, always looking to help and see the good. I guess what it makes me realise is not only am I helping the people I see but I am also learning from them.

I have had some lovely testimonials too which I need to upload to my site as I find people really want to hear about other peoples success as it promotes a real confidence in the service that they are getting. Lots of ideas still going round in my mind as always but it is all good and the fact I am getting the odd five mins to practice self hypnosis is even better.

A really big thumbs up to the last couple of weeks, Friday brings the start of Easter weekend and new furniture going into the Ashbourne hypnotherapy office exciting time it will also be the main office for Respect The Elderly The Community Project which I run so it really is multi tasking at its best at the moment. I am really enjoying my work balance at the moment and feel fortunate to have such a good support network round me who makes it possible as I only want to continue improving and offering the best service I can ultimately achieving what I tell all my clients…. be the best you can be

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