Project – 3 more special decades – week 7

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The last full week before Xmas has been a busy one, with more and more enquirers coming in for weight loss and smoking cessation for he new year and a client for fear of flying! I am seeing a couple of clients each week who suffer with anxiety and the best thing about this job is seeing the change come about in people as they grow into the person they want to be, it really is so rewarding! I have done some self hypnosis this week for my own eating habits as just like any one else at times I find getting the balance right difficult and as I walk past the treadmill every day I know I need to get into the habit of actually using it even if its just twice a week. The new year is always such a good time for putting things into perspective and looking ahead with renewed confidence and motivation.

So.. my week started with new red sparkly nails, I am normally a plain colour kinda girl but it is Xmas so it had to be done!

Lots of visits with RTE as we start to give out the hampers, tears all round with Alison and I we are soft as anything and seeing some of the people we did visits for earlier in the year and how a few months have made a huge difference in their lives was heart wrenching, some of the hampers are given out to real characters and we have some real fun but their are always those people that pull on the heart strings especially when you hear really sad stories about how alone they actually are! It has been very rewarding though and we have loved buying all the hampers, making them up and pairing them up to those who have sponsored them. I intended to get pictures of everyone with their hampers but just like last year this isn’t always appropriate.

Second big thing is I have come off Facebook for a while well just until the new year, I plan to change my account to a more business type account and use it for work purposes, it is hard getting the balance right again as I am only human but I have to always realise I need to be professional too as it is a great marketing tool for me. It has been quite liberating having some time out actually as it certainly has made me realise I spend far too much time scrolling through it. The upside to me coming off over Xmas is as I still love to record what I am getting up to, I have got my act together and sorted out this blog. I cant wait to read it back in years to come.

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