Unlock Your Mind

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Unlock your mind and full potential to achieve the best life you can. There will be a telephone consultation with Carly when it’s time to book, this will be to discuss needs and goals so an individual treatment plan can be constructed.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is relaxing, enjoyable and extremely effective. It utilises positive suggestion to bring about change and give you back the control you want.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you with:

Weight loss
Panic attacks
Pain relief
Sports enhancement
Relationship problems
Sleep patterns
Goal setting

You may decide to wait and use Carly’s life coaching skills at the Retreat to find out what it is you want and need from your experience.

More information on Clinical Hypnotherapy and reviews can be found at www.carlyrebecca.com

During the week you will learn Self Hypnosis and how to use it to help others and in all areas of your life.