Sports improvement

Sports improvement

Hypnosis is considered as on altered state of awareness, most people describe hypnosis as a feeling of relaxation with a level of disconnection from the body. Whilst in this altered state, positive, motivating and empowering suggestions can be easily accepted by the subconscious mind.

Medical professions and successful athletes are huge advocates of sports hypnosis. A hypnotherapist from Nottingham was commissioned for performance hypnosis for a national Olympic team competing in the 2012 summer Olympic held in Britain.


Hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and neuron linguistics programming cab be used to develop skills by:

  • Visualising success
  • Motivation for training and success
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Managing emotions
  • Enhanced techniques
  • Build self confidence
  • Enhanced discipline
  • Rehearsing success
  • Elimination of hesitation
  • Increased endurance

A key element of sports hypnosis therapy is the teaching of self hypnosis.