Terms & Conditions

All clients will be required to complete a full medical questionnaire prior to treatment.

Whilst Hypnotherapy is completely safe, if someone is epileptic or undergoing psychiatric treatment a letter will be required from the GP of referral to go forward with treatment.
Permission to contact a clients GP must be obtained in the initial consultation before any treatment takes place, this will not always be used, only in times when deemed appropriate to notify the GP of proposed treatment to give the opportunity for them to contact the therapist should they feel it may not be appropriate in conjunction with other medication or therapy.

Carly Rebecca Hypnotherapy reserves the rights to refuse treatment for any reason at any time.

Rapourt and trust between the therapist and the client is essential for the success of treatment, should this not be the case it may be necessary not to commence treatment or it may be stopped.

A 24hr notice of cancellation is required. failure to comply may result in a cancellation fee of £35.

I offer no gaurentees with Hypnotherapy, it is a very success form therapy it is not however a magic wand and like other therapies can not and I will do not offer a 100% success rate or, gaurenteed success. I will however work to the best of my ability to help you achieve your goals.

Hypnotherapy is a two way treatment and each person and session is individual, I require clients to work with me and follow instructions implicitly. Clients experience very different experiences individual to them and therefore may experience a different level of success at reaching there goal.

If a Client fails to keep there free back up session following treatment for smoking cessation, Carly Rebecca reserves the right to refuse treatment.

If further treatment is then scheduled a charge will occur.