Wellbeing practitioner course

Wellbeing practitioner course

  • Work for yourself as a wellbeing coach
  • Run a fun, lucrative and successful wellbeing weekend
  • Personal development, to empower yourself and your clients
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Learn the fundamentals of psychology, self hypnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy and NLP (neuron linguistic programming)
  • Fully accredited and endorsed wellbeing coach course diploma
  • Upon successfully completing the course following the practical  coaching session, you will be equipped and set up for success in your new business career
  • Take full advantage of the course being a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who graduated from her degree as a mature student and went on to study and add to her knowledge of NLP, CBT and become fully trained as a chemical hypnotherapist after 2 years
  • Meet and make new friends, all with similar goals and ambitions

Private healthcare is growing by the day especially with the government’s health and social care bill becoming law in 2012 stating a privatisation ethos resulting in a possible two tier healthcare service as an extension of the role of G.Ps and their practice’s. The two tier system is comprised of free basic and the chargeable fast track.

The growth in private healthcare is fundamentally positive for the growth in wellness coaching, as the patients are now able to choose their combination of treatment alongside their health professional to co create the implementation of their wellness programme.

The diploma in wellbeing coaching skills places you, the healthcare professional in the ideal place for the best practice and positive career development.


The valuable tools, strategies and beliefs taught on this course can equip you with a unique insight into the human mind, behaviour and conduct. These insights and can be utilized to help people regain equilibrium and therefore enhancing work, relationships, self image and life in general.

Module 1 Defining wellbeing

  • What is wellbeing?
  • The benefits of wellbeing
  • Discovering your role as practitioner
  • Knowing your role in the health industry

Module 2 Identifying client needs

  • Understanding individual differences in psychology
  • Importance of a case history
  • Utilizing intuitive skills and learning how to appropriately delve deeper
  • Building a rapport

Module 3 Science of wellbeing and hypnotherapy

  • Positive psychology and affirmations
  • Understand how the mind and body interact
  • The influence of internal and external stimulants
  • Identify and unleash creativity and goals

Module 4 Coaching skills and techniques

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Neuron linguistic programming
  • Learning skills and coaching tools/frameworks
  • Learn the GROW model – confidence, motivation, vision and goals
  • Identify various strategies addressing self sabotage
  • The role of language and how to reframe

Module 5 Fundamental secrets of success

  • Demonstration of practical therapy
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Basic methodology of self hypnosis
  • Dispelling negative emotions and memories
  • Locating resourceful states
  • Healing the inner child

Module 6 Lifestyle example

  • The impact foods have on behaviour
  • Self exploration and development
  • Learning about self nurturing, rituals, gratitude and acceptance to empower yourself to serve clients in a greater way

Module 7.  Business development and marketing yourself

  • Reviewing setup options and packages
  • How to coach a group
  • How to perform one on one sessions
  • Cooperate or individual
  • Online or offline
  • Ideal generations
  • Marketing strategies and optimisation
  • Explore your ideal client and how to react to them

Module 8.  Running a wellbeing weekend

  • Plan, plan, plan…
  • Make your weekend successful and lucrative